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Who Are We

Risyst is a top-notch IT provider based in Kochi, Kerala. We expertly drive our customers through their varied IT needs. Custom software development, mobile app development, digital marketing, or web development, your needs may vary but we make you become successful with state-of-the-art technology and services. Customers
want quality results to boost up relevance and reputation. 

Our Mission

About We see IT as the most active and robust sector, About to bring an economic revolution in the world with newly evolving About  

We see IT as the most active and robust sector, now ready to bring an economic revolution in the world with newly evolving technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things and CyberSecurity. We as a committed IT service provider are now running on a track of providing best business services and innovative outputs within fair prices and supportive policies.


Our Vision

With a team of professional experts, visionary project managers, certified and skilled developers, designers, content writers, business development analysts, and support staffs, our vision is to reach and cross our mission with the help of cutting edge technology, innovative solutions, and practical outputs. Our goal is to bring out new things in the market with each line of code that contributes something in the future and fits into your budget.


Our Process


An open discussion of your managerial board with our designers let’s them gain a deeper insight of your plans, future goals and the preferred approach towards the achievement of those goals. Requirements are analyzed and milestones are defined. Expenses and required man hours are speculated along with the creation of the documentation that propels us into further stages of development.



The understanding gained from the previous stage is used to shape models and blueprints. Findings of extensive research after the initial meeting initiate the formal designing of the product. The plans, raw at this stage, are discussed with the stakeholders and feedbacks and opinions are sent back and forth until one of the many proposed designs is finalized and sent to the technical team.



Ideas start taking shape and the process is streamlined with a singular vision to deliver the best product that meets all the business requirements and more. Our designers and technical experts work together to create a newsworthy online presence for your business. Hours of diligent work with regular inputs from the business bring an end to the most important segment of all the web / software development phases wherein the final product is ready to be taken to the next level.



The end product is put through multiple rounds of rigorous testing to ensure it is bug-free with all functionalities operating as expected. Several rounds of unit testing and system integration testing assess the work done through the above web / software development phases and changes are made wherever a discrepancy is witnessed. Only after getting a sign-off on the UAT the testing phase is brought to an end



After all the quality checks and a green signal from the business the website is launched. After initial support on day-to-day activities the reins are handed over to the business. However, our post deployment maintenance services render necessary assistance and troubleshooting services.

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 We are innovators and passionate problem solvers both in software engineering and digital design.

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Budget friendly, Time saving and create valuable partnerships, Provide more value to customers, Improves business accessibility, Responsive designs.